This outpatient office is for those NOT in need of medical detox that are medically stable and seeking treatment for alcohol and/or drug addictions, codependency, co-occurring mental health disorders and other types of addictive behaviors (pornography, sexual addictions). We offer a wide range of outpatient therapies along with other resources. Each person seeking recovery from alcohol and/or other drug addiction is different. I recognize every person as an individual who deserves to be treated with dignity, care and respect. I believe addiction is a treatable disorder, and that care provided by compassionate professionals in an environment of safety, support and mutual respect heightens peoples’ self-esteem and promotes emotional, physical, social and spiritual recovery. My goal is not only to support initial abstinence and recovery from addictive and compulsive behaviors and as well as their effects. My goal is also to assist people in achieving long term recovery and the highest level of human potential. Further, I offer the person’s family and friends information on how to support their loved one and how to care for themselves at the same time.

  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Drug Abuse
  • Substance Abuse
  • Internet Addiction
  • Sexual Addiction

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