Welcome to a new way.

We all have a unique path in life. Twists and turns along the way can impact the way we perceive ourselves, each other, and life itself.

Often, we suffer needlessly, responding to conflict with old habits and outdated tools, or ways of being. While we have the power to alleviate our own pain, without support, we tend to respond with the same old behaviors. Sherrad Barton LICSW is here to help you find a new way that works for you.

Our Practice

It is our belief that individuals are unique, each having the power to enjoy a healthy, well-proportioned life; balanced in mind, body, and spirit. Sherrad Barton seeks to create a safe, supportive environment and work together with individuals on a variety of emotional and adjustment issues then tailor treatment approaches that best meet their needs/goals.

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Treatment Services

As a Massachusetts licensed independent clinical social worker, Sherrad Barton uses psychotherapy and psycho-education to treat a wide spectrum of acute and chronic behavioral health conditions. Providing excellent therapy, education and skill building is her priority. She works with adults and teenagers 15 years and older to treat a variety of issues including:

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